Ahead of the final installment of DJ Healthy’s Pacific Mode residency our Director of Marketing, Sara Casella, and Head Club Programmer, Amelia Holt, selected a snack bowl full of the French-duo’s brain-jiggling tracks and paired them with the perfect sip from our current cocktail menu. Plug in below and ready yourself for tomorrow night in the Sound Room

La Japonesa – Tiguere Celoso & Tacan​̃​o NO (Siu Mata Edit)” Siu Mata

Headphones required for this one, trust. Bouncing dembow riddims, punchy reverberations, and wistful winds chopped up in a ravey reggaeton salad. SPOT CHECK completes the meal. 

Jiggy Bow” Siu Mata & Amor Satyr

This one comes in hot and stays heavy with speeding percussives and rattling, metallic synths seductively warped through a murky techno lens. Tense and alluring, just like our FFIR AND LOVING.
Na” Amor Satyr & Siu Mata

Hallowed half steps quickly fall into a chaotic maelstrom of deliciously hedonistic synths and gelatinous basslines. All aboard the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS.
Smokepurpp – Jump (Amor Satyr edit)” Amor Satyr

Place lightning bolt + fire emojis here. A head-spinning, skin-twitching footwork edit that’ll leave you frenzied and dat booty shaking. Almost as hot as HOTTER THAN GEORGIA ASPHALT. 

Is This All Real” Siu Mata & Amor Satyr

Skittering breaks, chaotic walls of bass, this track is deliciously unhinged and painfully euphoric, it probably isn’t real. Add the  spicy pops and acidic twinkles of our DAWG TONIC for a full blown meltdown. 

Aquarius” Amor Satyr & Siu Mata

A weirdo slip and slide ride through a pool of lubricated dubs, rattling bass and wiggly synths. It’ll make you feel all tingly inside and ready for some HIGH TEA.