DJ HEALTHY kicks off the first night of his residency Pacific Mode in The Sound Room, where he’ll be joined by CHANGSIE + HANK JACKSON. PR’s Sound Room curator + head resident AMELIA HOLT got the chance to sit down with DJ Healthy ahead of Saturday for an exclusive chat:

Tell us more about your residency, why is it called Pacific Mode? Is there a meaning behind the name? 

It’s more my project name than a party name. It’s a long story, but I had a DJ partner and he had a label called Pacific Psychedelia Tapes. Because of that we wanted to use the word “Pacific” because it’s connected to where we are from (Japan) and my projects often connect Japanese and American sentiments. “Mode” contains a meaning of style, my own way I think.

You have been a mainstay to the Brooklyn scene, what are you looking forward to playing at PR?

I’m not sure I’ve been a mainstay of the Brooklyn scene but I’d always like to try new things.  I’ve been wanting to bring more Asian artists to NY, so I am excited to do that with this residency. Changsie [who is playing Saturday] is based in London now, but she is Japanese. She has played a lot of festivals in Europe, like Berlin’s Atonal and more like that. She’s very active, especially in London. I’m happy we could bring her over here.

What have you been listening to lately? Favorite mix?

Anything from DJ Pythondown2earth mix seriesJuanita’s mix seriespi pi pi mix seriesFifth World NTS show. I listened to Aya’s recordings – they are insane good. Spencer Doran (Visible Cloaks) told me that Satellite Digital Audio Broadcast “St. Giga” – a Japanese satellite radio company that folded in 2003 – has their archives online now, so I’ve been digging through that.

You recently put out your first record, Hakimakuri Olympic by 食中毒センター/Shokuchudoku Center (Food Poison Center) under your label, Will Recs. Tell us more about this record and about your label. When is the next release? 

“Shokuchudoku Center” is a collaboration between Japanese noise musician Hair Stylistics and experimental musician Foodman who just released on Hyperdub Records. This project started as a live show at an experimental music venue in Tokyo, SuperDeluxe (already closed) where I used to work. This collaboration went very well so we wanted to record their music and put an album together. I’m working with some other Japanese artists for the next release now. It is taking a long time to produce the record right now, but hopefully soon!

What else do you have upcoming for 2022? 

I’ve wanted to do more shows in Tokyo over the past few years  and I think it’s finally happening soon, so I’m very excited about that.